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The UTS-325 provides the sophistication of a high end universal tester in a cost-effective bench top package. 

This base-line for the AUTOTEST family of testers has become the industry standard for economical power supply test systems. Like all testers in the Autotest UTS family, the UTS-325 offers a comprehensive instrument package capable of meeting any power supply testing need. 

Enhanced by Autotest Company's exclusive APG for Windows™ software package, the UTS-325 combines the power of the Microsoft Windows™ platform in a PC environment with the flexibility and precision of the industry's most experienced power supply testing expertise.  

Autotest's ASIS language, providing a windows-interactive program creation and diagnostics module, integrated with the DART (Design And Repair Testing) real-time control and display system, combine to complete the package and take full advantage of the UTS-325's instrumentation superiority. 

This combination of features provides the fast and user-friendly universal testing approach demanded by state-of-the-art ATE users.

Standard configurations include a standard interface to accommodate complete static and dynamic testing of up to 900 watts of output power including:  

Five Dynamic Loads

AC Source

Over voltage DC Source

High Resolution Digital Multi-Meter

Peak Noise and Time Measurement Instruments

Popular Options include complete, turn-key program with fixtures with:

Solid State AC and DC power sources 
(click Sirius source for additional source power options)

Electronic AC Load and DC Load Variations

High Frequency Matrix and Peak Detector

IEEE-488 (GPIB) Instruments 

Digital and Relay Interfaces

Computer & Peripherals

Bar Code Reader

Local Area Network (LAN)

For more detailed, printable specifications on the 
Autotest UTS-325 Power Supply Tester, 
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