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Autotest's APG for Windows™ is a High Performance Multi-Tasking Microsoft Windows® Software System that provides Autotest Company UTS and UPT  Power Product Automatic Testers with a complete programming and system control environment tailored to the needs of most any Power Supply.

This universal Autotest APG for Windows environment includes:

APG for Windows™

Our  fully integrated approach to ATE software capitalizes on the power of the Windows environment, and provides a complete solution to Power Supply Testing software. The application modules of APG for Windows™ are dynamically linked for Multi-Tasking, providing Test Engineer comprehensive control over the Tester, Programs and the Unit Under Test.

TEST LIBRARIES - A comprehensive set of existing Program, Instrument and Standard Test templates, controls and routines provide a large reservoir of standard testing procedures for the quick setup and assembly of most power supply test programs. These Libraries include:

Standard Tests   


GPIB Control Statements

Datalog Statements   


Initialize Control Statements   

Dbase Statements   


Instrument Control Statements   

Display Statements   


Load Control Statements   

File I/O Statements   


Scope Control Statements   

Language Statements   


Source Control Statements   

Serial I/O Statements   


Transient Control Statements   

STANDARD TESTS - This industry unique library contains a group of comprehensive and ready to use Standard Test Routine's templates. The APG for Windows™ generated routines include  fields and parameters tailored for  specific applications and guidelines. These programs  may also be used as basic templates for creating the developing  requirements dictated by your more unique or complex test specifications. Some typical standard test programs include:

AC Line Current   

Regulation Line   

AC Inrush   

Regulation Line Frequency   

DC Line Current   

Regulation Load   

DC Inrush   

Cross Regulation   

DC Line Step   

Regulation 2 Corner      

True Power Factor   

 Regulation 4 Corner   


Regulation Dynamic   

Vout Setpoint   

Dynamic Transient Response


Noise & Ripple  


OverLoad Constant Current   


OverLoad Constant Voltage   

Rise/Fall Time   

OverLoad Short Circuit   

Time Interval   

Short Circuit Recovery

Over/Under Shoot   

Over Voltage Protection   

STANDARD TESTS are also available for UPS applications.

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 APG ICONAPG (AUTOMATIC PROGRAM GENERATOR) is user-friendly programming capability aimed at providing fast and easy test program creation. It is a powerful Windows Application with all of the features of the Microsoft Windows® environment enhanced by AUTOTEST's own Multi-Tasking Windows control. Autotest's APG for Windows gives the user complete control over the contents of a particular test program utilizing a selective multi-program library and split-window presentation approach.

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 WIN Help ICONWithin the Autotest APG operating environment, context sensitive 
ON-LINE Help is available which, among other features, explains
How To:

The Microsoft Windows® based Help Engine  provides quick reference on any search subject and requirement for the system. A customizable APG for Windows™ Help Engine is also available for users to create additional HELP content for their own libraries.

DATA LOGGING AND ANALYSIS - A comprehensive DBase Engine provides automatic Data Logging, in standard DBase format, of all or selected parts of  Power Supply Test Data as it is generated.  Comprehensive data logging allows the Test Engineer to perform complete Data Analysis as needed.  The flexible DBase Engine also provides for complete Custom Data Logging and automated data analysis.

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Debug RUN TIME SOFTWARE - Along with the standard compressive data capture and printout, the Run portion of APG for Windows™ application also provides a powerful program Debugger. In the Debug mode,  test engineers may review individual test data in whatever detail or defined sequence they might require as part of the standard program execution process. Test engineers can also Set Break Points, Step, Trace and Loops, allowing  them to selectively focus on the source of testing problems as they may occur..

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DART ICON Autotest's DART (DESIGN AND REPAIR TESTING) is a unique interactive Real Time Display and Control system, DART allows the user to manually control a  tester directly from the keyboard and/or mouse. Since no special programming skills are required, this console centered mode of operation offers the customer enhanced flexibility with:


DART display characteristics  may be integrated into any test environment and provides interactive awareness and control of all system hardware operations. Operating in an independent Windows application, DART provides the Test Engineer with interactive monitor and control of the test system hardware even while Stepping, Tracing or Running a Test Program. 

Because all of the test applications run in a time sliced Multi-tasking Windows Environment, Test Engineer may simultaneously edit and or debug a test program even while it may be running under control in another window.

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Scope ICON OPTIONAL INSTRUMENT SUPPORT APG for Windows™ versatility  is further demonstrated by the ease with which additional IEEE 488 Instruments may be added to a test system's original library. Complex instruments programs such as Digital Storage Scope or Waveform Generator are easily equipped with additional extensive libraries of control and acquisition commands. Virtual Control Panels may also be configured for some instruments to further enhance the APG for Windows program development capabilities.

UTILITY PROGRAMS AND SUPPORT - Autotest's APG for Windows™ includes utilities for providing easy maintenance and security of programs and libraries, including comprehensive test, program generation and diagnostic tools such as.  

 APG Help ICON On-Line APG Help Editor helps Test Engineers create custom help windows for routines they might add to a library. A Context Sensitive search system, provides fast, selective help support for the complete User Library.

 Locker ICON The Locker program allows the Test Engineer to place selective level security locks on all routines created in APG.  Unauthorized access prevention reduces undesirable program alteration or deletion without limiting user access to the the applications themselves...

Audit ICON An Audit utility provides printable listings of program components and content in the APG for Windows™ library, including current Revision detail, date stamps and security lock status. Audit security is easily maintained utilizing imbedded security tools and the password security system.

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