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AUTOTEST has focused its business on the support of the Power Product industry. Its first Tester, the UTS 3000 (Universal Test System) was a Universal DC Power Supply Tester. Since the initial product release, AUTOTEST has concentrated on developing instrumentation to enhance the capabilities of their automated test systems to better support the power industry. This has included the development of Electronic Loads, Sources, and a multitude of sophisticated testing and evaluation instrumentation. Some of the instrumentation was developed as a speculation of need product, but more commonly the development was stimulated by a specific customer need.

In recent months AUTOTEST has extended its well developed Power Testing Muscle into the UPS industry. Earlier this year, AUTOTEST announced the UPT 2000 (Universal Power Tester) as its first direct thrust into the UPS manufacturing industry. This product series is expected to grow into a set of testers to meet all of the needs of this thriving power industry.

Software Products

Equally important as a product has been the Autotest Software. Although AUTOTEST Company has not offered Software as a stand alone product, its sister company the Multimedia Store has. From the very first test system, AUTOTEST has had to be a software developer. One of the unique requirements of the Power Products industry in the beginning was its lack of computer sophistication. This meant that the AUTOTEST software had to translate the needs of the customer into the control requirements of the Test Systems. AUTOTEST has taken on this challenge in force. It has developed Application Specific high level languages, translating power product engineering and testing terms machine control terms. This approach to language has culminated in the most current software package, APG for Windows™. This software approach to ATE integrated programming was the first Microsoft Windows developed package to be released in support of the Power ATE industry. It has for over 4 years been kept abreast of the new releases in this exciting PC operating system (including Windows 95).

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